Friday, October 15, 2010

Been busy the last few days, couldn't post!

Hello people! I was slightly busy this week and couldn't get to my blog to write to all of you again, but I'm back now and I wish to say happy Friday! I had promised you readers that i'd tell you my way I get ready for the gym so I'll do that in this post; I'll first start off by saying working out was pretty good today, the treadmill I was running on had actually stopped on me and started to slow down and told me my run was done even though I was still pumped which was kinda strange... Anyways, for the morning, what I do is also what my pilates instructor suggested to me, and that is to not eat in the mornings, as hungry as you are, resist the urge to put something into your belly and instead, drink coffee. Coffee is just water with grounded up coffee bean in it, so basicly you're kinda filling yourself up on water which doesn't need to digest and gives you energy for the morning. Normally in a rest position like sitting or so, your stomach tries to digest the food in your body, while you're running or doing some kind of activity, your body tries to regulate and cool your body. If you've got food in your body, it'll just sit there and weigh down on you, that's why people get cramps if they start strenuous activity after eating (for most people at least). So while you're working out, you've got the energy from the coffee, you've got nothing in your belly except water which doesn't have you cramping; as an added bonus, your body stops focusing on hunger the more you work out. I wake up in the morning at about 9 or so and I have a cup of coffee at that time to wake me up, i get to the gym at around 9:50 and workout until 12, then I get home at around 1 in the afternoon, that's nearly 5 hours I go without eating and I feel great. It then makes your lunch seem a lot more pleasing to eat. I'm very aware that in some cases, if you do not feed your body, it'll put the food you eat onto your body to suffice for your deprivation of food, but that is depending on how much you work out, the food won't stay on your body. To explain that, our anatomy has not changed for a while, our bodies are still built to survive and your body responds to how you treat it; if you move a lot, your body will keep you skinny, strong and agile so if we had still lived in a world where we had to survive, we'd have a strong body meant for hunting and gathering. Where if you do not move, your body will put the weight on because your body is trying to store energy, thinking maybe that you're hunkering down, almost like a bear hibernating. That's where my energy comes from, a cup of coffee in the morning. Later i'll post about motivation, energy and fitness is nothing if you've got nothing to motivate you to do it.